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Hello there :)! Last night, I came up with this article idea about PS! Bots. When I was mod in Wi-Fi and boTTT was just introduced to PS! and they wanted to mod in the room, I wasn't really sure what the function of the bot was going to be, and I also wondered if it was going to steal the mods and drivers' job. After being opposed to the idea of a bot for a long time, I learned to cope with it.
Even if I understand what it means now, I still know there are some users that are confused about the "what is a bot, how does it work, what can it do, why do we need one" questions, so in this article I'll be co-writing with TalkTakesTime , I'll try to give an answer to all of those things + I'll name all the (or at least the most relevant ones) bots in the sim, including what they do and what's their custom function. Example: "Luig-E is a custom bot dedicated to host games for Game Corner room [...]".

I) Introduction

II) The Bots (grouped by creator and at the end, we have the two battling bots)

  • boTTT
  • Luig-E, Tourn-E, Fashion-E-sta
  • WhimsicoTTT
  • Pony Bot
  • Roleplaying bot
  • The Scribe
  • AminitraboTTT
  • stretcher, Muh Bans
III) Conclusion

Hope you can consider the idea and thanks for your time :toast:

Edit: I'll be working on this article w/TalkTakesTime now, since he was interested in give his own explanation about the about and he's the knowledgable guy. f(x) said it was ok.
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beings there's no bias anymore, i can post here now :toast:

anyway good article right here, i assume you'll be going more in depth into what exactly each of these bots do and their purpose. so ya, im down wittit
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